On September 20, 2013, Shannon went in for her 38 week check-up at the conclusion of a very easy, healthy pregnancy. We were anticipating the imminent arrival of our third son any day.  However, at the check-up, the doctor could not find his heartbeat, and we discovered that our sweet little boy, whom we named Jude James, had already gone to be with Him who has conquered death, Christ the Lord.  We were devastated, and we still are, but we are learning about grace, cherishing the promise of the resurrection, and trusting in the incomprehensible promises of our God. We are on this journey for our healing, but we have become obsessed with the healing of all hearts crushed by the loss of a child. We invite you into our journey, asking for prayer and grace along the way.

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  1. Sean..this is a wonderful thing you are doing. When I told my wife, she cried. Remember, she lost a 16 year old Daughter in a car accident several years ago. God bless you and your family.

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