New Meaning for October

October means baseball playoffs.  This month welcomes the entrance of the crisp, fall evenings and allows for the leaves to transform into colors that bring joy to the eyes.  This has been my favorite month of the year for a while now.  For the second year in row, I am now more mindful of October than ever. And it has become a more meaningful month.

October is SIDS, Pregnancy, and Infant Loss Awareness Month.   This month, we remember all of those still longing for those they lost too soon, and in so doing, are reminded of the following:

  • Life is fragile, and we do not know when it will end as we know it.  We are not God.  We are the creation.  Our bodies are not perfect, life is not perfect.  It will not always go as we plan.
  • We are made for community and bond in community.  We find hope and meaning in community.  Most grievers meet hope in the presence of others—that is, they are strengthened when they are relating with others who have undergone a similar loss.  If you are a person of prayer, please pray that those you know who are grieving will meet fellow grievers on their journey.
  • Love never dies. God’s love never dies.  Our love for those we’ve lost never dies.  In love, through hope, and by faith, we are assured that God’s love will one day bring about a glorious resurrection.

– Sean

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